Booking Queries
Q. Where do we book?
A. https://quarrypark.app
Q. We made an extra booking by accident, can we cancel one of them?
A. Yes, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know which booking reference to cancel.
Q. We are running late, are we still ok to play?
A. Yes, you don’t need to inform us if you are running a bit early or let.
Q. We can’t make the original time. Can we rearrange for a different day or time?
A. Yes, you can do this yourself, by referencing the old booking reference in the name field when you make the new booking, e.g. Name = “A.N.Other replacing ref 2345” We will then delete your old booking and reallocate your payment to the new booking.
Q. One of our group has dropped out, can we get a refund?
A. Yes, we can make a cash refund on arrival, or refund via PayPal or Bank transfer.
Q. We want to cancel the booking, can we have a refund?
A. Yes. If you have paid via PayPal we will reverse the transaction in PayPal. If you paid via bank transfer, we will need your bank account details, including the account name.
Q. Can we book more than 7 days in advance?
A. Sorry, but the booking system is all online and only 7 days in advance. The vast majority of bookings are made within 72 hours of play, so as long as you put a reminder in your diary to make a booking a week ahead of time, you should have no problem selecting a slot or slots at your preferred time.